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PSA Powertrain

PSA Powertrain is a division of the Groupe PSA. It adapts the engines and components made by the Group for sale to other vehicle brands and manufacturers.

PSA Powertrain is able to deliver the expertise and technology required for all your automotive and industrial projects, with respect to both manufacturing and equipment.

PSA Powertrain  supplies its automotive and manufacturing customer base with components and engines reflecting the R&D know-how and industrial excellence of the Groupe PSA. The products marketed by PSA Powertrain – petrol or diesel engines, gearboxes, running gear or rolling chassis – are designed for a range of applications:

  • passenger cars or LCVs
  • equipment for road-building, public works or maintenance of green spaces
  • generators or motor-drive pumps
  • forklift trucks
  • boats

Through its many years of experience, PSA Powertrain has developed advanced supply chain expertise, particularly with respect to mass production, and logistics know-how to support you throughout your project, from definition to launch.

Today, PSA Powertrain works with over 100 partners worldwide.