Continuous social dialogue

Social dialogue and patronage

Groupe PSA conducts a social dialogue at global level through international bodies promoting discussion and dialogue, such as the European committee or the strategic joint committee. This dialogue underpins the Group’s social cohesion, based on solid values of solidarity, tolerance and commitment. It also reflects the Group’s efforts to extend best practices in human resources to all entities and to promote key principles such as human rights, equal opportunities, staff diversity, and the health and safety of each employee.

The efficiency of this social dialogue has been clearly highlighted by the complex social context facing the Group. As part of the Group recovery plan, PSA signed a “New Social Contract” with labour and management representatives on 24 October 2013. The aim of the agreement is to contribute to the company’s recovery and to maintain the Group’s industrial and technological bases in France well beyond 2016, while protecting the fundamental interests of employees.

The New Social Contract has four strands:

  • Involve employees and their representatives more closely in the development of the Group’s strategic vision and in each department’s and site’s forward-looking projects.
  • Implement a new approach that protects employment while collective transformations are under way, particularly to improve the utilisation rate of our plants.
  • Deploy a PSA Intergenerational Contract that combines job retention leave for seniors (potentially affecting between 2,500 and 3,000 employees over three years) with the recruitment of more than 2,000 young people as part of work-study schemes.
  • Roll out measures to increase flexibility and moderate wage costs (without cutting remuneration) at a cost of €125 million. Further, the New Social Contract gives employees a stake in the company’s recovery by improving the profit-sharing agreement and providing an additional profit-sharing/incentive payment in early 2015.

Further, as a member of the Global Compact since 2003, Groupe PSA Group is committed to respecting and promoting the ten principles set out in the Compact, inspired by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This public commitment underpins the Group’s global framework agreement on corporate social responsibility. Signed in 2006 by more than 90 trade unions around the world, and applied by all Group subsidiaries in all the countries in which it operates, the global framework agreement was renewed and expanded in 2010 to include a new objective on environmental protection.


98 : In 2013, 98 corporate agreements were signed, of which more than 61 outside France.