Promoting equality in the workplace

For a number of years, PSA has pursued an active policy to promote gender balance and equality across its workforce. The Group has made equality and respect for difference one of the founding components of its policy.

Employment Equality for all

Groupe PSA is seeking to promote gender equality in the workplace in a sector that is predominantly male. This is a central component of its social policy. In this way, the Group aims to ensure equal opportunities and equal treatment for all female employees (wages on recruitment, career development based on expertise and results). It is also seeking to give more women access to top management positions. Since 2012, the Group continues efforts to attract more female employees and to implement equal opportunities at all levels. In the space of ten years, the percentage of women in the workforce has risen from 17.6% to 22%, and 30% of young executives under 30 are now women.

 Equality and diversity policy : improved gender balance

The workplace mix contributes to complementarity, the social balance and business efficiency. PSA therefore aims to continue this approach, which is bringing results, since the Group is recognised as a key player in this area.

With the deployment of the Worldwide Diversity Commitment, the Group has put in place a standard comprising seven fundamental principles for a global approach to the workplace mix, diversity and the relating issues.

The Group has held national labels relating to equality and respect for diversity for a number of years. In 2011, it gained the first certification awarded under the Gender Equality European Standard. This standard, which is way to set up a common momentum across European countries, encourages the Group to pursue its efforts and to go even further in promoting gender equality.

Disability: beyond legal obligations

As a socially responsible company, Groupe PSA employs almost 6,000 people recognised as disabled around the world. This active policy is backed up by a strong social dialogue and by three-year corporate agreements. The 2011/2013 agreement places particular emphasis on improvements in the following areas:

  • increase the integration of disabled people through partnerships with associations specialising in their insertion and recruitment,
  • promote recognition of disabilities, by adapting jobs and developing personal assistance,
  • improve access for disabled people to Group facilities.

Groupe PSA is the first industrial buyer for the disabled workers network.


30% : the percentage of female recruits at end-December 2012, compared with 11% in 1999.