Social commitment

Implementing innovative and needs-adapted social practices

Throughout its history, PSA Group has relied on its men and women, who have enabled it to innovate and grow. The Group’s economic performance is inseparable from its corporate social  initiatives, the cornerstone of which is based on the trust and commitment of all its employees.

Building the future together

The Group has always fostered high-quality dialogue with its social partners to meet the challenges involved in the evolution of business activities and employment while strengthening social cohesion.

  • Respecting human rights

    To lead the transformation vital to its long-term future and support employees in these changes, PSA Group implemented a Global Framework Agreement in 2010. The agreement sets out the Group’s commitment to respecting fundamental human rights and introducing the best practices in human resources management and development. The agreement applies to all of its sites and has been contractually extended to its partners, suppliers and distributors.

  • New Social Contract

    The New Social Contract, signed in 2013, demonstrated the Group’s ability to strike a balance between economic and social challenges. It contributed to the recovery of the company and the protection of the Group’s manufacturing and technological bases in France. A new performance agreement entitled “New Impetus for Growth” was signed in 2016. It will enable the Group to address new challenges amid an unstable automotive and societal environment. PSA Group needs to protect itself and ensure its long-term future and that of the employment of its staff, and will do so by harnessing operational excellence, performance and agility.


  • Social barometer

    Staff commitment and motivation – key to social progress – are founded on participative approaches. The Group regularly carries out satisfaction surveys and coordinates a true social barometer with all of its employees to assess their motivation and their perception of the work environment.

The responsible management of jobs and skills

  • Securing careers

    With the pace of technological, economic and social change continuing to increase, the Group’s ability to anticipate changes in the market, professions and employment is crucial. Improving the performance of the company remains the best form of protection for employees. In the event of workforce reductions, it comes hand in hand with support measures on a voluntary basis. The aim of these measures is to secure staff careers through internal retraining and external mobility programmes.

  • Regional Platforms for Professional Mobility and Transitions

    To contribute to an employment-friendly ecosystem and accelerate retraining at local level, in 2015 the Group created the Regional Platforms for Professional Mobility and Transitions with the support of local authorities. Implemented in six French regions, the platforms aim to secure professional careers through partnerships with companies of all sizes.

Developing talents

The Group aims to provide its employees with the best development opportunities so as to attract, unify and cultivate talents. This policy is underpinned by a set of tools, from annual performance reviews and professional mobility to training and career paths.

  • PSA University

    PSA University plays a key role in this system. It was created in 2010 to raise the professional standards of employees, train managers, convey Group values and facilitate the integration of new recruits. Average training time per employee rose to 18.4 hours in 2015.


  • Recognising skills

    Spotting and recognising talents is key to cultivating PSA Group’s automotive intelligence. An “annual review” of talents is carried out to identify individuals, while the “Talent Management” policy implements career paths with a view to developing their skills.

  • Rewarding performance

    The remuneration policy is based on the ideas of fairness and performance consistent with national practices.

Health and safety in the workplace

Workplace safety is the number-one concern in the Group’s human resources policy. All Group sites have since 2010 been committed to the ambitious roll-out of a Workplace Health and Safety Management System. The objective is to transform the safety culture through values of exemplariness, vigilance and responsiveness.

  • From 3.43 to 1.16.

    The trend in the Group-wide accident frequency rate in five years.

The Group also endeavours to develop a pleasant and safe work environment at all the sites, along with an enhanced work-life balance.

The strengths of diversity

  • Professional equality and harmonious coexistence

    Diversity fosters complementarity, social balance and economic efficiency. The Group places a premium on the representation of different socio-demographic categories, whether based on gender, age, ethnicity or disability. It favours the harmonious coexistence of staff and fights against any and all forms of discrimination. Promoting diversity, employment access for young people and the integration of people with disabilities are the main focuses of this policy.

  • Global Compact membership

    By joining the UN Global Compact in 2003, PSA Group committed to respecting and promoting fundamental human rights in all its operating countries. It also respects the freedom of association and collective bargaining of employees around the world.