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Automotive life cycle analysis

Controlling our environmental impacts more effectively

Groupe PSA is reducing its CO2 emissions first and foremost by applying the EURO 5 and EURO 6 standards to all engines designed by the Group, and also by implementing an efficient innovation strategy.

The Group is aiming to optimise use of natural resources and to ensure complete end of life vehicle recycling. To this end, it has put in place a life cycle analysis to measure all the environmental impacts of its vehicles, from design through to destruction. The objective is to support the assessment and approval of the materials adopted for each new vehicle project.

This analysis is part of an eco-design process that seeks to maximise the quantity of green materials used in vehicle design (30% of green polymers in Group models in 2015 and 23% from 2012 with the Peugeot 208 in particular), and to optimise future disassembly and recycling from the start to the end of the life of vehicle.