The low-carbon vehicles of the future

Low emission cars: plug-in hybrids

Plug-in full hybrids ̶ so-called because they can be charged from a regular socket ̶ have a range of between 20 and 60 km and are more versatile and affordable than a conventional electric car. Research projects in which the Group is involved include the HYDOLE concept, from the French acronym for mainly electric hybrid. HYDOLE combines HYbrid4 technology with a Li-Ion battery developed by Groupe PSA and a more powerful electric motor. Delivering exceptional performance from an environmental standpoint, with all-electric operation in the city, it is silent and emission-free, while delivering greater range over longer journeys. This is the low-carbon vehicle of the future.


1 out of 4

One Citroën DS5 out of every four sold in Europe is equipped with HYbrid4 technology, as is one Peugeot 508 out of 5, and one Peugeot 3008 out of 6.