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CSR management and governance

The Group's CSR commitment is an integral part of its strategy.

Groupe PSA CSR commitment is an integral part of its strategy. The integration of societal, social and environmental issues is a decisive criterion for the Group when establishing its policies and action plans. The Group’s engagement and transparency regarding these issues is underlined by the CSR reporting and management processes it has implemented.

CSR issues and commitments

The Group has identified 7 macro-risks which it must address in accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In the light of the Group’s activities, 23 CSR issues covering these 7 macro-risks are considered to be material by Groupe PSA’s experts and stakeholders.

Each of these 23 issues has been assessed from two standpoints (consistent with the methodology recommended by the Global Reporting Initiative): its impact on the company’s economic performance and the expectations expressed by stakeholders. CSR priorities are ranked using a mapping below.

CSR issues are mapped on the basis of a comparison between the expectations of stakeholders and the company’s economic performance requirements.

To respond to each issue, Groupe PSA undertakes a commitment and sets a target for a given time period together with precise annual objectives. By doing so, it sets a trajectory for its CSR policy and is able to measure the progress accomplished.

CSR management

The CSR policy and management approach are part of the Group’s strategic governance systems. CSR objectives and commitments are approved and monitored by the Group Executive Committee. Progress on these commitments is also presented to the Supervisory Board.

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The operational management of CSR is the responsibility of the Sustainable Development Department, reporting to the Corporate Communications Director, who reports to the Chairman. The Sustainable Development Department relies on a network of correspondents and experts to coordinate and roll out action plans.

Assessing CSR

Assessing CSR is a difficult task but vital to ensuring the continued advancement of the policy and its credibility with stakeholders. The reliability and relevance of the data are regularly analysed by experts from a number of non-financial rating agencies.

Groupe PSA is the only carmaker in the Vigeo World 120 index.

The performance of the Group’s CSR policy is continuously improving. Since 2015, the non-financial rating agency Vigeo-Eiris retains Groupe PSA as the only carmaker in the Vigeo-Eiris World 120 index (the 120 most CSR-advanced companies in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific). Vigeo updated its four indices in October 2017, with Groupe PSA remaining in the World 120, Europe 120, Eurozone 120 and France 20.

The Group also continues to figure in major indices such as the FTSE4Good, Dow Jones Sustainability Index, STOXX Global ESG Leaders and Ethibel Sustainability Index (ESI) Excellence Europe. It was awarded as a responsible supplier gold medal by EcoVadis for the third year in a row and and is present in the CDP A-List.

CSR Performance infography
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Corporate Responsibility and Ethics

Groupe PSA's CSR commitment is central to its strategy.

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