Ethic and transparency

Rules on ethics and transparency

PSA’s business culture, based on responsibility and respect, is reflected in requirements on ethics and transparency backed by rigorous systems applying to all its stakeholders, both external and internal.

Business ethics

Consistent with the commitment of its leaders, the company strives to ensure ethical business practices, notably through a zero-tolerance approach to corruption and the failure to respect competition rules. Translated into 22 languages, a sets out ethical guidelines for all employees in the fulfilment of their responsibilities. Campaigns are carried out regularly with all employees to increase acceptance of the Code of Ethics. By mid-2016, the Code had received nearly 18,000 signatures in 13 countries. A rigorous approach to prevention and monitoring is supervised by an Ethics and Compliance Committee, assisted by four Compliance Officers and deployed by an international network comprising Chief Ethics Officers and heads of Internal Control, Compliance and Risk Management in each Group department.

Group transparency

The Group’s positions on the major issues stemming from its activities are public, as are the special-interest groups of which it is a member. PSA Group supports responsible lobbying practices, which contribute to public debate and are consistent with its ethical principles of integrity, respect and transparency.