The Group's CSR commitment is central to its strategy.

PSA Group’s social and environmental policy is based on continuous dialogue with its stakeholders and the conviction that automotive sustainability can contribute to the creation of value for everyone. It is expressed in public commitments and concrete objectives in response to strategic issues in sustainable mobility, regional development and innovative social practices.

An approach based on dialogue

For PSA Group, responsible and transparent behaviour is the only way of creating development and economic performance on a lasting basis. That conviction has led the Group to develop an approach of in-depth dialogue with all the company’s stakeholders and at each stage in the CSR policy:

  • identifying issues,
  • setting objectives,
  • implementing and monitoring action plans.

The CSR policy and management system are integrated in the Group’s governance structures and are subject to a specific organisation at both strategic and operational level.

Creating shared value

The automotive industry accounts for 6.9% of Europe’s GDP, 12.9 million direct and indirect jobs and a €92 billion trade surplus. This economic importance brings with it a special dynamic and responsibility for players in the sector. PSA Group, Europe’s number-two carmaker, is a company that creates social, societal and environmental value. To develop sustainable and responsible growth, the Group has committed to optimising the management of all its forms of “capital”, including its financial capital as well as its industrial, human, intellectual, relational and environmental capital.

The three pillars of CSR

The Group’s social and environmental responsibility policy is based on three pillars: