Innovating with Groupe PSA

On this page you can find out more about the Group's needs with a view to proposing your innovations.

SMEs and start-ups from around the word: this is your page. It will help you to get in touch faster with Groupe PSA teams and make it easier for you to propose your technological innovations addressing certain needs. Groupe PSA is committed to undertaking a preliminary study of all proposals submitted and to providing a response in all cases.

How does Innovating with Groupe PSA work?

 Our needs, your proposal

Determine the needs to which you can contribute, then inform us of your technological innovation proposals as precisely as possible. Submissions are made in French or English only, using the special form provided.

We ask you not to use this site for ideas or solutions that cannot be protected from an intellectual property standpoint, or to submit styling or design proposals.

Our analysis of your proposal

The preliminary study of your proposal will initially involve only non-confidential information. With its strong technological expertise and culture of innovation, Groupe PSA proposes a preliminary review of your solutions. If we decide to take the study further with you, we will then move onto a phase involving the exchange of confidential information, which will be formally set out in a contract between us.

We recommend that you protect your solutions, for example, by taking out a patent.

Innovating with Groupe PSA as an individual

If you are an individual rather than a company, you can share your proposals with us providing that you inform us of the patent(s) involved at the following email address:

Any additional questions?

Get all the answers you need on working together with Groupe PSA on technological innovations.

  • Will Groupe PSA sign a confidentiality agreement with me?

    This is not necessary for the preliminary study of your proposal, since any information conveyed to us at this stage must be non-confidential. If, after this preliminary study, Groupe PSA wishes to work with you, a confidentiality agreement will be signed.

  • Who is going to study my proposal? How long will it take?

    Your proposal will be sent directly to the experts at  Groupe PSA responsible for addressing the need associated with your proposal. The preliminary study of a proposal usually takes up to two months.

  • Why do you recommend patents?

    Your ideas and suggestions may be valuable. You need to protect them in order to assert your rights. Your ideas may already have been patented and published, or been envisaged or even developed by our Group, or in a similar form. Without a patent, establishing exactly who is behind an innovation may be a long and costly process. Groupe PSAmust also be protected. For all these reasons, and with a view to our potential cooperation, we ask that your proposal be accompanied by a patent.

  • What does Groupe PSA need in order to decide if it is interested in my innovation proposal?

    Your description must be as precise and detailed as possible, with particular emphasis on how it meets the target requirements. If Groupe PSA requires further information, still of a non-confidential nature, we will contact you by e-mail.