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Making innovation broadly accessible

To ensure that innovation benefits the greatest number with optimal quality levels, Groupe PSA leads a two-pronged strategy. It is working to bring technological innovations to market faster by transforming the way R&D works and by signing cooperation agreements. It is also unlocking stronger manufacturing synergies from one country and range to the next

Bringing innovations to market faster

With innovation speeding up and going global, reducing the time taken between the exploratory and industrial development phases is a key factor in competitiveness.

  • The Group continues to move ahead with the roll-out of its R&D optimisation plan by upgrading its processes and optimising its partnership policy.
  • Regular technical collaborative initiatives have been established with a number of automobile manufacturers to improve the effectiveness of development projects.

Optimising industrial synergies

To improve its competitiveness, the Group favours the optimisation of industrial solutions and the sharing of best practices. In this respect, the development of global platforms for the automotive industry serves to accelerate and diversify product launches while maximising production capacities.

  • The new-generation EMP2 platform launched in 2013 is used for a line-up of mid- and high-range vehicles with all-new combinations. The platform boosts the originality and competitiveness of new models and furthers progress on the reduction of vehicle weight.
  • In 2018 PSA and Dongfeng have launched a new global CMP platform for the production of city cars, SUVs and compact cars providing high-performance solutions in modularity, versatility and CO2 emissions reduction.

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