Technologies, services and design for more well-being and pleasure

The attractiveness of a vehicle is a key differentiating factor on the market and a key research focus for Groupe PSA. Attractiveness is assessed globally, as much from the standpoint of the quality and longevity of the car as from the value added of its functionalities, the optimisation of the travelling experience and the remarkable character of its styling and design. Groupe PSA’s innovations concern technologies, services and a holistic vision of well-being and pleasure.

Improving well-being by innovating across the board: Groupe PSA’s multi-sensory approach

Most car journeys are made in towns and cities, where driving pleasure often gives way to urban stress. To make car travel a pleasurable experience, Groupe PSA is developing a multi-sensory approach in which a range of equipment is synchronised to give rise to a unique experience.

Innovative lighting

Groupe PSA uses a variety of light sources and original technologies to make lighting a source of relaxation or stimulation.

  • With Cielo Magic, light is diffused via a sticker on the glass roof that through a play of reflection bathes the cabin in light, creating a spectacular effect.
  • Transparency is another innovative concept, as seen in the dashboard strip backlit by a sheet of fibre optic cables. This play on transparency is also used with LED lighting that reveals the pattern of the fabric on the door panels, ceiling and cabin styling lines.

Gallery of innovations

Sound spatialisation

Sound design plays a key role in travelling comfort, as proven by Groupe PSA with its hushed door-closing effect and its use of polyphonic sounds for driver alerts. Today, the innovative technology of sound spatialisation is being used to enhance comfort and safety.

  • The digital processing of sound sources optimises the acoustic quality of in-car HiFi systems in line with the layout of each vehicle interior.
  • Sound spatialisation also improves vehicle ergonomics, for example in navigation system voice directions. When the navigation system says “Turn right”, the sound is emitted to the right of the driver, making it intuitively clearer and more effective

Olfactory design

Olfactory design has two objectives: to improve air quality and provide new air-freshener fragrances.

  • All Groupe PSA vehicles are fitted with filters to capture dust and pollen along with the majority of pollutant gases and unpleasant odours. But to respond to growing concerns over air quality, notably in China, Groupe PSA has designed a real pollution control system. The filter system adapts to different pollution levels. It can be connected to an information system that indicates changes in the quality of the air processed and which can be activated remotely to purify the vehicle cabin before taking to the road.
  • Groupe PSA already fits a number of models with a scented air freshener. But it is now working on a system able to diffuse a fragrance corresponding to the ambiance selected by the motorist. New, more complex fragrances corresponding to the identity of the brands and models are being developed with world-renowned perfumers.

Chrysalide, a unique demonstration vehicle

The Chrysalide demonstration vehicle illustrates Groupe PSA’s multi-sensory approach by combining several items of in-car equipment to bring drivers a unique experience. Two programmes were selected to demonstrate the potential of this approach: “relaxing” and “energising”.

  • Relaxing programme: to relieve stress, drivers get into their car having already selected the temperature of the heating using their smartphone. They then enjoy a few minutes of total relaxation on a reclined seat with a relaxing fragrance, ambient music and soft lighting.
  • Energising programme: on long journeys, if the camera (connected to a facial analysis system) detects signs of fatigue, it activates the energising programme. The seat back straightens, the temperature drops slightly, rousing ambient music is played, and the cabin lighting becomes brighter.