YOU Zheng

Member - President of the Asia Business Development Committee

Member of the Supervisory Board of PEUGEOT S.A. / President of the Asia Business Development Committee /Member of the Finance and Audit Committee / Strategic Committee


YOU Zheng is graduated from Ji Lin Engineering University in China in 1990 with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering metal materials and welding, and graduated in 2012 from Ji Lin University Business School with a Master’s degree in Business Administration. YOU Zheng is Senior engineer at research level.

Mr. YOU Zheng joined FAW-VW in 1990 and hold different positions till 2009 as body factory technologist then factory welding workshop engineer. In 2004 Deputy Director in strategy and planning department, in 2009 Deputy Director then Director of the planning department and shareholder representative for VW cooperative business then Director of product planning and project department of China FAW, then in 2017, Director of Product planning and project department at China FAW Group.

In 2018 Mr. YOU Zheng  was appointed as a member of the communist party , Vice-President of DFM, General Director part-time of Strategy and planning department, and in charge of strategy and planning, scientific and technology, New Energy Vehicles, connected and mobility, leading technology research and development, and internal and external Research and Development resources synergy.

YOU Zheng brings to the Supervisory Board his international experience and skills in the automotive industry.